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May 13- 15, 2025
Coronado Bay, CA

Energize Your Career

Connect With Your Community

Sharpen Your Skills

 the[PACK]outTM Conference is led by healthcare packaging professionals who simply want more. More connections. More innovation. More investment in this industry we love.


We’ve engineered a conference that will serve as your one-stop-shop for the world of healthcare packaging.

Prepare for an experience like no other. Have a blast at the[PACK]out while engaging with an industry-driven agenda, curated content and key industry connections.

Find a Mentor
Build Your Network
Invest in Your Growth
Give Back to the Industry
Spark Innovation

Whether you’re new to healthcare packaging or a seasoned healthcare packaging professional, join us to grow your expertise and knowledge of the industry.


$1,299 All Access Badge. Suppliers are restricted to 4 badges per company. Exceptions apply for approved speakers. There are no restrictions on the amount of badges for MDMs.

Registration FAQs

What is the cost to attend the[PACK]out conference?

$1,299 for an All Access Badge. Student & academia badges are $799.

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final. Name change is not considered a cancellation within the same company.

Who should attend the[PACK]out conference?

You should! the[PACK]out was developed by industry experts passionate about creating a new event “for the industry, by the industry”. The conference contains focused content for healthcare packaging professionals interested in connecting, expanding overall knowledge, and re-energizing their careers through a collective experience of education, networking, and mentorship.

Is there a cap for the amount of badges my company can purchase?

There is a cap of (4) badges for suppliers. There is no cap for MDMs.

If I work for a supplier and am an approved speaker, is my badge included in the max 4 that my company is allowed?

Exceptions apply for approved speakers. An approved speaker doesn’t count towards a suppliers max of 4 badges.