We are the[PACK]outTM

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At the[PACK]outTM we know you are a committed healthcare packaging professional.

To advance the industry and continue building a strong community, we need a new, single industry event that meets the needs of both packaging engineers and suppliers – we’re ready for [out]standing!

The problem is, there are limited options available for our specialized profession, the content and accommodations of legacy events have not kept pace with expectations, which leaves the healthcare packaging community without an acceptable forum to come together and share ideas that advance the industry and build strong networks. 

We came together and created the[PACK]out because we believe the future of healthcare packaging shouldn’t be left in the hands of event planners. As industry packaging professionals and suppliers, we understand how frustrating it can be to spend precious marketing dollars at conferences that don’t produce the results you’d hoped for and lack consistent technical content, which is why a team of industry professionals came together to change the model.

Here’s what we did:


Develop a for the industry, by the industry conference that operates like a non-profit, making enough revenue to support the current event, have enough operating capital to support next years’ event and give any remaining amount back to the industry in the form of scholarships, sponsoring testing and research, and other creative ideas still in the works.


Assemble a VIP list of suppliers to support the effort – thank you to the 21 Founding & Diamond Sponsors for your company’s unwavering support!


Develop a state-of-the-art technical conference that connects peers and re-energizes careers by presenting fresh new content in an environment that sparks passion, drive and curiosity.

the[PACK]outTM  founders supported by their companies:

Jill Cinalli

Kiley Djupstrom

Jenn Goff

Rod Patch

Cassie Ladd

Karen Polkinghorne

Sarah Rosenblum